Past Members

The Night Owls was formed in 2007 by Jim, Pat, Tom and Nipper. The original line up played together for 3 years and always had the best fun. In 2010 Tom left to peruse other musical interests in London leaving the others to continue with bass player Rob and then Ian Elenor. Sadly in December 2012 Jim lost his battle with cancer, he will be  greatly missed by all who knew him.


Jim Gritt – Soprano and Concert Ukulele

Jim began his musical career as a youngster, forming his first band ‘The wild Outcasts’ while still at school. He spent many years on the  southwest folk circuit as a multi instrumentalist in bands ‘Rooting Around’, ‘Pagan Gypsies’ and as part of the duo ‘Gritt and Gravell’. Jim began playing the ukulele seriously in 2007 and brought a wealth of melodic ideas to the band, often referencing his hero Django Reinhardt. Jim passed away in 2012 but left us a great wealth of recorded music and video.


Pat Goodall – Lead Vocals

Pat spent many years as a singer in barbershop quartets and brought a wealth of singing and harmonizing experience to The Night Owls. He sang most successfully with the band ‘Latest Edition’, who during the early 1990’s competed at a national level. He is a member of the Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club where he sings and  plays uke.


Tom French

During the late 1990’s Tom cut his teeth playing bass in London based funk rock bands ‘Immaculate Deception’ and ‘The Lonely Band’. After spending some time in Hawaii he became interested in the ukulele and on his return to the UK joined the Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club. Tom was a founder member of The Night Owls, providing a fluid and rhythmic underpinning to the songs. He left the band in 2011 and is now playing electric bass on the London music scene.


Tom Walls – Drums

tomTom has been playing drums for 40 years and kept the band in line with his tasteful fills and time keeping. Tom left the band in 2013 and continues to be a member of the Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club and is currently working on a solo ukulele album.



Photo Archive 2008 – 2012

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