‘Night Owl’

It is a little while since we made the ‘Sway’ video so last week we  made our way to Jim’s house and filmed our version of ‘Night Owl’.  The song was written by Herman Hupfeld and first sung by ukulele star  Cliff Edwards in the 1933 film ‘Take A Chance’.  The film also featured an interesting version by Paul Whiteman, with the Rhythm Boys providing vocal refrain.  The Owls version is most influenced by Craig Robertson’s take on the song from his album ‘That Dress’.

Cliff Edwards version


Paul Whiteman version


Our version was performed live for the camera, just as we play it on stage…

Pat Goodall – Vocals
Jim Gritt – Vocals/Ohana Soprano Ukulele
Nipper – Vocals/Favilla Baritone Ukulele
Tom French – Upright Bass

For the technophiles out there the film was shot using a Flip Mino and edited with Sony Vegas. The sound was recorded live using a single Behringer Condenser mic to an M-Audio pre and into an Acer Aspire One running CubaseSX. The set up is small and compact alowing us to record pretty much anywhere.  The film from the Flip whilst far from perfect was cropped to widescreen with quite reasonable results.

Hope you enjoyed the film…

Keep Hootin’



About Ukulele Nipper

I am a Ukulele Revolutionary. I live on a narrowboat. I am a Night Owl.

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