Hitting the Perfect 5th!

perfect5th_5 It was a little bit of a trip into the unknown, when last Saturday the Owls played at the hep new club in town, ‘The Perfect 5th‘.  We were unsure if our brand of vintage ukulele music would work with the night club audience found on a Saturday night in Taunton.  We need not have worried as the deco styled club proved to be a great venue for us.


The large audience seemed to have turned out due to Tom’s efforts, getting us featured in the local papers and a sustained email campaign by his sister in law and Taunton socialite, Amber.  There were a few familiar faces, but on the whole this was a new audience for the Owls.  During the course of the evening they warmed to us and even filled the dance floor for most of the second set.


The evening closed with Tom’s ever popular version of Mack the knife and Pat crooning Sway to the dancing valentine’s couples.  It is great to know that we can take the ukulele to a new audience and win them over.

The Perfect 5th is a great venue supporting local music and we will certainly be glad to return there again soon.

Keep Hootin’



About Ukulele Nipper

I am a Ukulele Revolutionary. I live on a narrowboat. I am a Night Owl.

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