Ukes Galore

Last weekend The Night Owls joined ‘Ukebox Jury’, ‘The Re-entrants’ and master of the strum ‘Steven Sproat’ for an evening of ukulele at The Queen’s Head, Wolverly, Nr Kidderminster. The event was great fun with all the performers whipping up the audience with a variety of different musical styles, all presented on ukulele. The audience was made up mostly of ukulele players, including George from ‘UOGB’, Uncle Rufus, Phil from ‘SOUP’, Brian (the nicest man in the world) and several members of the Birmingham ukulele club. It was great fun talking about ukuleles and trying out all the amazing instruments people had brought along.

The gig went well for us with many people commenting positively on our performance and our use of the single mic; after many practices we are now feeling we have got the movements and techniques about right.

Thanks must go to Ray Shakeshaft for organising a great event.

Keep Hootin’



About Ukulele Nipper

I am a Ukulele Revolutionary. I live on a narrowboat. I am a Night Owl.

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