Rehearsal Recordings

What with new babies and holidays it has been a while since the last gig, so there has been a lot of practicing to get back up to speed. A couple of weeks ago, we tested out the single mic technique we have been working on and recorded our first rehearsal with Tom since the arrival of his baby. The technique worked well and so here are a couple of songs for your enjoyment. They were recorded live and into a single mic.


Makin’ Wiki Waki Down In Waikiki

Nipper – Mele concert ukulele/vocals, Pat Goodall – vocals, Jim Gritt – 1920’s Washburn soprano ukulele/vocals, Tom French – Upright Bass/vocals


The Girl From Ipanema

Pat Goodall – Lead Vocals, Nipper – Regal baritone ukulele, Jim Gritt – 1920’s Washburn soprano ukulele, Tom French – Upright Bass


Keep Hootin’



About Ukulele Nipper

I am a Ukulele Revolutionary. I live on a narrowboat. I am a Night Owl.

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