Night Owls at the Ukulele Revolution with Bosko and Honey

On Monday evening TUSC moved to a new room in the Constitutional Club for what promised to be one of the most exciting ‘Ukulele Revolution’ concerts so far. First up were The Night Owls, who braved the extreme heat of the room to play a short set of 1930’s classic songs.
The evening continued with a couple of tip-top numbers from Tony, who once again sang his classic version of ‘Walk On the Wild Side‘.
Next up on the bill was the marvelous Jeff Japers who entertained us with his anarchic brand of comedy. His return to TUSC saw him bring his wonderful collection of bells, whistles and sound effects.
And finally Bosko and Honey took to the stage. They talked about their travels around the world on the ‘Ukulele Safari 2008‘ and had the audience on the edge of their seats listening to both original tunes and great cover songs. Bosko and Honey have an amazing stage presence which is really only hinted at in their You Tube videos. The music they play demonstrates the great versatility of the ukulele and together they create a sound which is both thrilling and beguiling.

I was lucky enough to make a recording of the concert and have put together a 30min ‘Ukecast LIVE Special’ featuring music and interviews from the evening.

Click above to hear the show or go to to download it.

Keep Hootin’



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I am a Ukulele Revolutionary. I live on a narrowboat. I am a Night Owl.

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