Single Mic Technique

The problem with playing ukulele outside is that unless your playing a National the sound just doesn’t carry well. Last week we had a gig at Wilton House for their summer garden party and were presented with just that problem.

When we first got together we tried the single mic technique but were frustrated by feedback issues and so we switched to using a barrage of sm58s. This worked alright, but we lost the natural sound of us playing acoustically and so at Tom’s wedding we abandoned the PA altogether, which was OK but we were too quiet! So at Wilton House we decided to give the single mic another go. Outside we had no feedback issues, and managed to get a good sound. I think the new pre-amp also helped with this.

What we then learned is that technique is everything, all of us were either to far away or too close to the mic and Tom, who had an sm58 was not in the right place for us to interact properly. So more practice is needed.

The gig was great fun and the good folks of Wilton House have asked us back next year. They also filled us up with cream scones, cucumber sandwiches, cake and Pimms… Needless to say we will be back next year.

Keep Hootin’



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